Sulawesi DVD

This very remote region known as Wakatobi is in the very southern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The name Wakatobi is derived from the first two letters of each Island of this chain. The natives in this region make a living by fishing and harvesting seaweed from the ocean. Most of the diving was under calm conditions yet visability was usually not more that 50 feet (15 meters).

The Indonesian waters are home to a diverse population of animal life. I was fortunate enough to capture a great many of these special creatures and observe some of their interesting everyday living habits. Traveling to this remote region is not easy, there are many stopovers and very long plane rides. If your interest is seeing some of the most unique creatures in the world then the Indo-Pacific is a prime area to explore.

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Length: Approximately 27 minutes
Format: NTSC DVD
Features: DVD commentary,soundtrack and chapter reference
Price: $24.99USD

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