Hawaii DVD

Hawaii is 3,850 km (2,390 miles) from California. There are eight main islands in the Hawaiian chain and this DVD includes diving on both Oahu and the "Big island" of Hawaii, primarily off the coast of Kona. Geologically speaking, this chain of islands is quite young. With active volcanos and movements of the tectonic plates beneath the sea it continues to grow. As a result, the age of the coral is relatively young and since most of the sea floor is composed of remnants of volcanic rocks, it lacks the abundant soft and hard coral growth found in older regions. The animal life here is both colorful and plentiful. With an abundance of endemic species, this region is exciting to even the most seasoned underwater enthusiast.

Diving the month of July, the water temperatures were around 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit). While visibility wasn't much more than 19 meters (approximately 60 feet), observing spectacular lava tubes, exploring caves large and small, and discovering hidden treasures, provided an abundance of opportunities to capture the outstanding footage on this DVD.

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Length: 29 minutes
Format: NTSC DVD
Features: DVD commentary, soundtrack and chapter markers
Price: $24.99USD

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